Thursday, September 25, 2008


Does anyone know how to get more hours out of a day? 'Cause 24 just isn't cutting it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When I'm not eating crunchy ice, you can catch me on the golf course.

Last Friday, I participated in The Intrepid Group's (my other job) annual golf tournament and discovered that although I have a dad that plays more golf than should ever be allowed, I'm no Tiger Woods.

Top 3 reasons I'll never be a golf pro:
1. I'm much better at driving the golf cart than the golf ball.
2. I think they'd frown upon my full spin following my swing.
3. The divots I made in the grass usually flew further than my ball.
While I may not have been the most skilled golfer, my team managed to win a few prizes. Can't complain about the $115 in gift cards I walked away with. All in a days work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#1 perk of working at a hospital...

As much crunchy ice as my little heart desires.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Maybe I shouldn't admit this.

I had some extra time on my hands today so I decided to clean out my car (it was LONG overdue). As I reached under the driver's seat, it was like reaching into Mary Poppin's bag- the stuff just kept coming. Here is just a sampling of the surprises I found:

* 5 half empty water bottles
* a metal spoon
* a receipt from something I purchased in 2005
* 2 cd's I've been missing for over a year
* a pair of reading glasses

I was thinking this was pretty bad until I remembered the time my mom found a month old bean burrito hidden in a secret console in the back of our astro van. At least I didn't have any food items, right?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I wish everyday were a Saturday.

Now that school has started, gone are the careless days of summer and my golden tan. Okay, so maybe "pinkish freckley" tan is more appropriate, but I can pretend. The only good thing about getting back into the school routine is that now I really relish my weekends. And this past Saturday was no exception.

It started with a healthy breakfast, some good reading, and ample time at the pool with my roommates.

Then I got to celebrate with this little guy.

Lauren and I have been best friends for 22 years. When we were little, we LOVED playing house and there was never a shortage of imaginary babies. I remember shoving stuffed animals and small blankets up our shirts to pretend like we were pregnant like it was yesterday and now she has a one year old. How did that happen? It was so fun to watch Boston dig into his adorable baseball cake and catch up on all our girly talk.

Then I said goodbye to this guy. Derek and I met in the dorms 7 years ago and have remained close friends ever since. We have the kind of friendship where honesty is paramount and not much goes unsaid. Just the other night I was complaining about how good I am at slipping into the "friend" role with guys and Derek started laughing. He then informed me that I don't just "slip" into the role, but rather, "Lindsay, you get a running start and dive head first into the friend role." Thanks Derek.

How is it only Monday? The next weekend can't come fast enough.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's a good thing I'm not famous...

'cause I'm sure the rumors would be flying if the paparazzi caught me going into this building to get a TB test for work.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Warning: Serious post ahead.

For the last few days, I've been watching the news coverage of hurricane Gustov and I can't help but flash back to three years ago when Katrina hit. Most people remember August 29th, 2005 as the day that our nation experienced one of it's worst natural disasters. It also happens to be the day that my family got swept away in our own personal Katrina; it's the day that Robin was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. We had no idea then what we were in for. Three years later, our storm has settled to a certain degree, but there are occasional dark clouds. I miss Robin. A lot.

While it was agonizingly painful to watch someone I love suffer so much, I'm so grateful for the quality time that I was able to spend with her. I'm thankful for the hospital room dance parties with my sisters (a la Kanye's "Stronger") , the walks in the rose garden (even if we did have to lug an IV pole around), the late night chats ranging in topics from boys to the complexities of this life and the life hereafter, and believe it or not, cancer jokes. That's right, I said jokes. I'll be the first to say that cancer is no laughing matter, but when your options are to lay on the floor and cry about it or make a joke, well, I'd rather laugh and luckily I have a funny family. Well, that's debatable, but I think they're funny (seriously, just spend a few minutes with Natalie).
When Robin's hair started falling out the second time around, we called the "Postive Images" lady (aka lady to buzz your head) at the hospital to take care of business. While I know it wasn't easy, Robin put on a brave face and decided to make some fun out of it. A mowhawk on a relatively conservative girl is always funny, right?
I guess it's safe to say that I hate cancer and I wish with all my heart that we weren't so intimately acquainted, but I can also say that I'm grateful for the lessons it's taught me. I now know that it doesn't matter if Christmas is spent in a hospital room with no presents as long as my family is there.

I know that it's possible to put every ounce of your being into something and still not get what you want, and that's okay. Sometimes the Lord has a different plan. I learned that sometimes there isn't anything to say. That sometimes a big hug will suffice. I learned that humanity is much more kind and willing to give and love than I originally thought. I learned that you can always find some glimmer of hope or goodness even in the most dire of situations. I learned that come Hell or highwater (or cancer), my family has what it takes to make it and there is no greater blessing, especially as we adjust to our new "normal".

I'm sure most have stopped reading by now, but here's the secret: This entry was solely for me. Every now and I again I just need a little reminder. Ahh, that feels much better.