Monday, September 27, 2010

I think it's time for an intervention or something.

It's almost 7:oopm and I'm just getting ready to leave work. Yes, sometimes I have a tendency to work too much, but that's not the issue I'm tackling here. The issue is that I just moved a large pile of paper to find chocolate stuck to several documents that go into patient's medical charts. Oops. That, coupled with finding rainbow sprinkles stuck to my chest when I took my bra off the other night (those Banbury donuts are just TOO good), just screams for a cleanse. Okay, I'm not crazy enough to give up sweets or anything (because anyone who knows me knows my appreciation for all things sweet), but maybe I'll just start with some vegetables for dinner. Luckily I like those too.

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Richard said...

You're your fathers daughter too, apparently.